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Cabécou Goat's Cheese

To be able to even attempt a goat's cheese I needed to first find goat's milk. The grocery store has cow and sheep cheese, and the local dairy only has cow. Asking them, the first time no one knew where I could find goat milk, but then when I asked again a few days later when different staff were on duty, someone knew of a place a few villages later. The first time Little Bit and I tried to head over, we were on the bike, and it's about 15km. Almost there though, (after multiple pee stops) we got bogged down in mud mid way to the axles. We turned around and headed back up to the main road (squelch squerch squelch squerch), but by then it was too late, so we got lunch and headed home instead. We tried again after nap time a couple of days later, and success! We got to visit the goats, some of whom were being ,milked, and some pigs too for good measure. When we got milk after seeing the animals, it was fresh from the goats we had just seen being milked.

I pasteurised the milk first, and then set up the culture inoculation for the next day and a half. It was all straight forward, and then we had the cheese draining in my new moulds for a few days. I set the cheeses up to age in olive oil and spices as per the instructions in my cheese book and then left them alone for 10 days. We have now tried it, and I am very happy! Now that I have found goat milk I will try more! This was my second cultured cheese, and while I faced the same issues with DCUs as for the cream cheese, I am finding it works relatively well.


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