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  • Pumpkin and Stuffing Casserole

    In future, I will try to bear this in mind and make only the required amount.

  • Apple Pectin Panna Cotta with Apple Sauce

    I started making my own apple pectin last year, and have used it a couple of times for jellies (like Better than I had feared but not as well as I had hoped. I guess I will just have to play that one by ear.

  • Tomato and Cheese Savoury Bread Pudding (of sorts) or Pizza Bread

    Place the bread slices inside in as near as you can get to a single layer.

  • Rotkohl

    Certainly an alternative to bear in mind!

  • Days 37-45 Pumpkin and Chanterelle Risotto, Pumpkin Pasta with Nettle Pesto, Veggie Tagine and more

    With the weather definitely turning colder (there is fresh snow on the peaks around us) we opted for some warm flavoured, thicker soups for lunches, like Pea Soup and Borscht.

  • Apple and Cheese Soufflé

    forming. 3) Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff peaks

  • Rose Petal Ice Cream

    A few years ago I needed rose petals or rose water for some recipe and didn't have it. Tear up petals and add them. Cool. 3) Place in ice cream maker and process as per manufacturer's instructions. Freeze. Tear up petals and add them. Strain out petals and whip cream to stiff peaks. 3) Gently fold in the petals and condensed milk.

  • Turkey Cream Pasta

    orange peel 1/2 tsp sumac Splash of white cooking wine Salt and pepper to taste 1) Cook the spaghetti as per Sauté the onions until translucent, adding the dash of lime juice as it nears the end of its cooking.

  • Medieval Mead

    I only tried it a few years ago, initially in Brittany and then as mulled mead in Stuttgart. I am afraid it didn't come out as well as I had hoped but better than I had feared.

  • Sumac

    It is commonly used in the cooking of North Africa, the Middle and Near East.

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