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  • Pumpkin Ramen

    Ramen is something my husband started throwing together as a quick, easy and healthy meal a while back

  • Creamy Lemon Pasta

    and a toddler who refused to nap today and was overtired, so it had to be quick and easy.

  • Butternut Squash Sauce

    butternut purée that we had prepared for our Rainbow Lasagna the other day, so when in need of a quick easy

  • Chicken Salad with a Rosehip Vinegar Mayo

    You could use apple cider vinegar instead of the rosehip vinegar for an easy swap. Recipe Cook Time: approx. 1 hour -- Portions: 4-6 -- Cooking Level: Easy Ingredients: for the mayo: 1 They made a relatively quick and very easy dinner to assemble. schedules, I made the mayo and the chicken salad ahead of time, then the melts were extremely quick and easy

  • Chestnut and Sausage Risotto

    Recipe Cook time: approx 50 minutes -- Servings: 6-8 ( depending on size) -- Cooking level: Easy Ingredients I was working on a hunch and on the principle of the sniff and taste test as you go method.

  • Easy Light Lunches: 7 Savoury Tart Ideas

    As I may have mentioned a couple of times, we love light lunches, with a more substantial meal in the Lunch therefore often tends to be soup or a savoury tart. Savoury tarts are great for this because of how quick and easy they are to assemble, light and satisfying Rosehip and Pumpkin Tart And lastly, a bit on the sweet side for lunch, but who knows?

  • Easy Paella

    It has a reputation for being complicated, but I was recently shown an easy recipe by my sister. This is quick and easy, but learning to make it also represented one of the things I cherish most about And bonus, it is quick, easy and has few dishes! It also reheats well if need be for packed lunches or simply enjoyed as left-overs.

  • Broccoli and Fennel Tart

    I was looking for something hot for lunch, that would be satisfying but not heavy or overly caloric. The whole thing took 20 minutes to prep and then a few more to finish baking, and we had a quick easy lunch ready to go. Ingredients: Crust: (you can use a store bought crust if you want, but this is also very quick and easy

  • Veggie Curry Couscous

    This one isn't anything particularly spectacular, but it was quick and easy for a week night dinner and

  • Raspberry Crêpes

    in the snow in severely negative temperatures the other day at sunset, we needed something quick and easy

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