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  • Lime Curd

    (In the centre picture above, I tried a little of each on one piece of bread, for real side by side taste

  • Cabbage and Sweet Potato Rösti

    I rooted around in the pantry and grabbed a number of bits and pieces, and that was the basis of the

  • Broccoli Poppers

    Rolling the pieces in only millet and no breadcrumbs didn't work as well though.

  • Spiced Grapefruit and Rum Marmalade

    and stew for an hour to an hour and a half until reduced by about a third. 2) Blitz until all the big pieces

  • Chicken Tagine

    Allow these to bloom in the hot oil for a few minutes, then add the chicken pieces. .* When the chicken pieces are nicely browned, add them and all ingredients except the lemon juice, the

  • Ginger Snaps: Revisited

    to be on the roster for this year, but I wanted to tweak them a little, mainly with the addition of pieces grated tangerine peel 2 tsp dried orange peel bits, briefly candied with the ginger 3/4 c candied ginger pieces

  • Rabbit Stew with a Glühwein Twist

    Ingredients: 1 rabbit, in pieces 4 red onions, in eighths 3 big carrots, roughly chopped 1/4 of a small Heat a cast-iron skillet to medium-high with the olive oil and when it is hot, place pieces of rabbit Brown the meat in batches, ensuring that each piece has sufficient space in the pan, and when you're

  • Havarti - Attempt 1

    The process went smoothly, but I need more practice at cutting the curds, as the 1/2" pieces that were

  • Beet and Fromage Blanc Ravioli in a Lemon Sauce

    cheese with the basilic (fresh or dried), the salt and the garlic powder if using. 3) Pass fist-sized pieces

  • Chicken and Watermelon Rind Stew

    - I poured it into my big casserole dish, buried a whole chicken, some onions, potatoes and pepper pieces Ingredients: 1 tbsp olive oil 5-6 large onions, 1 of them diced, the others whole a largish piece of potatoes and cook for a further couple of minutes. 2) Add rind and stock and cook for 20 minutes, until pieces Bury chicken, remaining potatoes, onions and pepper pieces and kale.

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