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My Cheese-Making Journey

          Growing up and living in Switzerland for so long, I have been around a huge variety of cheese forever. Cheese is woven into the very fabric of life here, whether it is in traditional dishes like Fondue and Raclette, or simply served with a meal. There are all sorts here from very young cheeses, gooey and coated in herbs, to aged ones with visible salt crystals inside. And one of the fun things about living here is that if you go to the grocery store (nothing fancy, just the local branch of the national supermarket chain) in one town and then the same supermarket 30km away, the cheese selection is different, in keeping with local production and tastes. The village where my parents have their home is known for its cheese, and I can see the Gruyère castle from the ridge behind my house. Every village around here has a dairy and produces its own cheeses and yoghurts. For a while now we have been getting fresh milk in bottles from local farmers or from our dairy, walking down with Little Bit in having our bottles filled. 

         This year my journey of cheese discovery is taking a new turn and I have started making my own cheese at home, using fresh milk from our local dairy. Where it will go or how well it will turn out, I don't know, but that is what I plan on documenting here as I embark on this adventure. 

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