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The Challenge

The Challenge: I have set myself the challenge (which really means setting my husband and me the challenge) of not cooking the same main meal twice for as long as we can, cookbooks allowed. 


The Story: We did this once before when we lived in Scotland. I read an article on the train about how most people only know how to cook fewer than 10 meals. Sitting there on my commute, I blanked. Could I cook more than ten things? This bugged me so I mentioned it when I got home, with the result that we unofficially started not repeating meals. It went on for quite a while, ie several months. It turns out that even without involving cookbooks I know quite a few more than ten meals. Our challenge only ended when we discovered that we missed some staples we hadn't had in a while because of the challenge. 

The Rules: No two main meals the same for as long as possible. I will still include some breakfasts, lunches (often soups and salads), and desserts on the blog, but they are not officially part of the challenge. The Challenge obviously only applies when we are home, and does not include leftover meals. I will post Challenge updates periodically with links to recipes (only my own ones, but I will reference cookbooks in case anyone is interested. We have some good ones!)

What we cook will depend in part on time (with an eight-month-old sometimes that is in short supply), ingredients available, especially exciting fresh things from the local farmer, inspiration and general kitchen meanderings. Feel free to issue comments or suggestions :)

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