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Days 95-100: Imam Bayildi, Persimmon porridge, bacon and lentil soup, cauliflower steaks etc

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Challenge update: We have reached day 100! I am calling the challenge here as I am no longer always sure what we have or haven't done on the challenge and it is making meal planning more complicated than I have the energy for just now. Also, I feel the 100 is a decent, nice round number. It is now end of November and we have officially not had the same main meal twice since mid-August.

To round off this challenge, we had an old favourite that I grew up with, a Turkish meal called Imam Bayildi. Another old favourite was Bacon and lentil soup, which is dead simple but oh! so satisfying. We tried a new twist on porridge, adding persimmons to it, and trialled cauliflower steaks for the first time. I have been meaning to try these for years and am so glad that we did! American Thanksgiving fell on Day 97 of the Challenge, and while we didn't do a full Thanksgiving dinner (not living in the US we need to find another time for it), but I did try a new twist on Pumpkin pie, swirling rosehip purée through it. Another very tasty meal was beetroot pasta with broccoli sauce topped with garlic shrimp. And then finally, for Day 100, we had a roast for dinner, and I tried a new stuffing, Fenugreek Orange Stuffing, that I had the idea for ages ago and have wanted to try for a couple of months. So very tasty and a good way to round off the challenge.



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