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Days 28 - 36: Hoppin' John, Pumpkin Chilli and Chanterelle Tart

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The Challenge update: With 5 night shifts in the last 10 days, we needed either easy one pot meals, like Hoppin' John , or big meals that would give us left overs. On days off in between there were also some experimental recipes, like the pumpkin chilli, or tasty staples, like traditional local sausage with greens and barley. Lunches continue to be light, the only one of note being a chanterelle tart, and a tapioca pudding with chocolate sauce for dessert one night. And then there was tonight, the end of the week, end of the shifts Sunday fry-up, because, you know, healthy choices and all that... But for dinner, not breakfast (it's hard to bump porridge from the breakfast slot in my book).

We've also been roasting a Georgia candy roaster pumpkin as dessert on its own, drizzled with olive oil before going into the oven then sprinkled with cinnamon (or more decadently with brown sugar and cream, but that is not necessary as this pumpkin is so sweet on its own!)

As a side note, I have also discovered that dry cured ham spread with fresh cheese and honey and rolled up is quite delectable. Others at the table looked askance until the tried it and had to admit that running short of ham at that particular point in time was mildly tragic (on a very minor scale). I highly recommend it and will certainly do it again, either just to amuse my own gueule, as the French expression goes, or for a canapé board at some point. I would however tweak it by adding fresh thyme.

I'm afraid for any of you keeping up with this challenge that days 37-44 will have to wait as we will be away on holiday for a week so I am stopping the counter until we get back, hopefully with tasty meals under our belts and some inspiration to share ;)



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