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Days 37-45 Pumpkin and Chanterelle Risotto, Pumpkin Pasta with Nettle Pesto, Veggie Tagine and more

Challenge Update: Before leaving I had some pumpkin and some chanterelles to use up, so we had a Chanterelle and Pumpkin Risotto. We got back from holiday on day 38 with plenty of new ideas and inspiration. It was already chestnut season when we got there so I got the itch and had to make some Chestnut Soup when we got back. We had a couple of breakfast for dinner days (because we are so good at adulting), like Apple Cinnamon Pancakes and Savoury French Toast using our Nettle Pesto Bloomer loaf. With the weather definitely turning colder (there is fresh snow on the peaks around us) we opted for some warm flavoured, thicker soups for lunches, like Pea Soup and Borscht. Throughout the week we had some old favourites, like Lentil Filled Crêpes with a Spinach Sauce, and some experimental recipes, some quick easy meals, like the Vegetable Tagine, and some more involved ones like Pumpkin Pasta with Nettle Pesto, and a few left-over nights. There was one nice Pork Shoulder Roast with cider and apples, and a Pasta al Olio al Aglio with fresh Basil. The baking powder biscuits that we made to soak up pork juices turned into dessert with a Blueberry Port Sauce. Overall it was a well-balanced week, and delightful to get back to the kitchen after a week in restaurants with the accompanying menu fatigue.



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