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  • Turnip Cookies 2 Ways

    I've been cooking with Little Bit since he was tiny. He has a toy kitchen of his own, and he frequently "cooks" for us and has us try his meals. I want to encourage his creativity and interest in cooking, so I like to try out his ideas. The second batch is a heavily adapted spiced molasses cookie from Claire Saffitz's book. I ended up going with the pre-cooked idea, first boiled and mashed, then roasted and blitzed.

  • Crackers 3 ways

    (the Tolkein cookbook, as I thought homemade crackers might do for a Lembas reference, the Food DIY book I took a basic pie crust as the base, tweaked it a bit so it would be quite stiff and dry, and then baked A taste test should reveal them to be cooked through and taste similar to cooked pie crust (but less

  • Sahlep Custard

    Since discovering this, I have decided to start playing around with Sahlep as an ingredient in my cooking This time I decided to try baking the custards and tweaked the flavouring and sugar combo to boot. Stir and allow to cook for a couple of minutes, then stir in 1c of the milk and the whey. Cook until thickened so that a finger dragged across the back of a spoon dipped in the pot leaves a trail

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