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  • Cranberry and White Chocolate Blondies

    One of the Christmas flavours we wanted to play with was cranberry, After some playing with ideas, we settled

  • Lemon Jelly with Chilli and Ginger

    As things are beginning to settle down again though, I have some exciting recipes to share from the last

  • Chestnut Puddings

    The other day I settled for home-roasted ones for Little Bit and me, though.

  • Butternut and Chestnut Cream Soup

    The truly lengthy bit is peeling the chestnuts if you use fresh ones, but then I find it quite zen to settle

  • Paneer, attempt 1

    The one I settled on was from a food blog called Swasthi's Recipes, and it called for either vinegar,

  • Cannolis

    And then my sister dug out my parents' old cannoli moulds from 30 years ago and the case was settled.

  • Turnip Cookies 2 Ways

    weeks turning the idea over in my mind and playing with flavours I could pair with the turnips before settling

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