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  • Chicken Salad with a Rosehip Vinegar Mayo

    Skip the raisins and toast to make it keto-friendly, or use gluten-free toast for a gluten-free meal.

  • Variations on Tomato Pasta - 3 Ways -

    For our next Variations on a Theme collaboration with my sister and our friend Hibiscus Kook, the prompt Konjac Cherry tomato Pasta by Hibiscus Kook This recipe is gluten-free and vegan friendly Creamy Cauliflower

  • Variations on Pancakes - 3 recipes for Pancake Day -

    For the next challenge with my sister and my friend, Hibiscus Kook, to make a dish three different ways the significance of the pancakes, they were eaten for supper rather than breakfast, and most of my friends For my friend, HibiscucKook's recipe for vegan pancakes on her blog, click here.

  • Roast Pepper Dip

    We were having a games night with some friends recently, so I decided to make nachos, as an easy finger-food I might make it a little hotter in future, but didn't want to carpet bomb my friends' tastebuds.

  • Cinnamon Stars: Revisited

    In early December, a very good friend of mine was visiting us and we made Christmas Butterballs to celebrate I gave my friend the choice between almonds and hazelnuts to replace the walnuts. I enjoyed the hazelnut butterballs but missed the originals, whereas Hubby and my friend both liked them

  • Fenugreek and Sweet Potato Curry

    This is an adaptation of a friend's fenugreek chicken recipe. When the friend who eventually sourced it for me and picked it up asked me which I wanted, I had no idea I am sticking with my friend's units of measurement here, firstly because they are excellent, and secondly potatoes, chopped 3 carrots, chopped 1/2 head of garlic, grated medium chunk of ginger, grated (my friend's

  • Rabbit Stew with a Glühwein Twist

    With a friend coming to visit during the course of the week, I decided to cook the rabbit for dinner. Christmas tree for the second time this year and watched them quietly glow as I caught up with an old friend Candles, friends and good food (with some good books thrown in) do really make life - and Christmas-time

  • Fenugreek

    I had never heard of it until a friend made a fenugreek chicken curry when we were living in South Africa On my return to Switzerland, I started looking for some, and eventually, a friend picked some up for

  • Variations on a Brownie Theme - Brownies 3 Ways -

    Late last year, my sister, a friend and I agreed to start on a new project with the new year, making

  • Day 46 - 56: Sage and Carrot Soup, Miso Fried Rice, Spiced Rice Pudding, Tomato Tart...

    Challenge Update: The last 10 days have been busy with a wedding, and friends we haven't seen in a while

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