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  • Raspberry Crêpes

    yet), so in the absence of fresh raspberries (it being winter and all), I used the dried ones for a bit It's surprising what a difference a slight twist on a recipe can make sometimes. I personally prefer our regular ones, but Hubby and Little Bit insist that these are the best ever, so

  • Ricotta and Courgette Tart

    especially if you use store-bought crust, although I rarely do), endlessly versatile, and make a great light It was lovely and light, with beautiful distinct flavours, all playing nice together.

  • Plum and Burrata Toasts

    This was quick, easy and delightful after a morning at the zoo with Little Bit (he was most excited to The toast provided some bite to oppose the softness of the plums and the almost custard consistency of I loved it but it was a little much for Little Bit, who was perfectly happy with eggs and mushrooms instead

  • Autumn Crêpes with pumpkin and fresh cheese

    This was quick and easy to whip up when I got back from running errands, and made for a great light lunch A big hit with Hubby and Little Bit! for cooking For the filling: Roast pumpkin wedges Mushrooms, sautéed in butter Grated cheese Bacon bits We happened to have left-over roast pumpkin as well as the other bits and pieces so it worked out very

  • Easy Light Lunches: 7 Savoury Tart Ideas

    As I may have mentioned a couple of times, we love light lunches, with a more substantial meal in the Savoury tarts are great for this because of how quick and easy they are to assemble, light and satisfying Aubergine and Courgette Tart With Mediterranean hints to the flavouring, this one is particularly light For years cheese tart has had bits of bacon, onions or tomatoes, sometimes a little spinach, but the Rosehip and Pumpkin Tart And lastly, a bit on the sweet side for lunch, but who knows?

  • Broccoli and Jambon Cru Tart

    Super quick and easy to assemble and cook, tasty and not too heavy for a light lunch. one first, or if the issue was that I started assembly, then went for a walk with Hubby and Little Bit I have a feeling that the extra time with the cream cheese sitting on the pie crust might have done it Little Bit is in another slightly pickier phase and so only wanted the broccoli, not the ham or the crust

  • Pumpkin and Rhubarb Tart

    Hubby initially was eating it piecemeal and couldn't see it, but then took a bite of it altogether and

  • Veggie Curry Couscous

    This one isn't anything particularly spectacular, but it was quick and easy for a week night dinner and Little Bit loved it for all the bits he could pick out and identify and get excited about (and for the The butter could be skipped to make this vegan, or bits of chicken could be added just after the onion

  • Cauliflower Carbonara

    by bit. This was a big hit with all of us (Little Bit needed his separated into different components, but then I loved the simplicity and lightness of this dish. The lemon and yoghurt's acidity also helped to keep it fresh and light, while the cauliflower pieces helped add a little depth and bite.

  • Cranberry and White Chocolate Blondies

    Ingredients: 4 eggs 1 c light brown sugar 1/2c butter 200g white chocolate 1/2 c oats 1 1/2c flour 1/ ). 2) Beat the eggs with the sugar until light. Finally, I found these to be a little on the sweet side, so I might cut the sugar a bit next time, to They were also a bit cakier than I like, so I might add a dash of milk and/or reduce the flour by a bit , and pull them out of the oven that little bit earlier.

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