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  • Zoodles in a Lemon Sauce

    I had never had vegetable noodles until a couple of years ago and was a little suspicious of them. Ingredients: , 1 giant zucchini or two smaller ones - spiralized on the medium setting (Zoodles!) Taste test. 2) Add zoodles to the pan and toss to coat.

  • Chanterelles Spätzli

    With lots of fresh chanterelles available (they still have moss on them at the grocery store) and autumn coming on, something warm and filling but not too heavy celebrating seasonal produce seemed in order. This time I didn't make the spätzli myself, but the dish came out tasty and colourful! Ingredients: 2 tbsp olive oil 2 onion, chopped 3-4 c chanterelles 1-2 c pumpkin, chopped 1 c ham, diced 1/2 - 3/4 c spinach, wilted 500 g spätzli 1 c mozzarella, grated 1 tsp thyme Salt and pepper to taste sour cream to dollop 1) Heat oil in a skillet. Sauté chanterelles. Allow them to give up their liquid, tip this out, and add the onions. Sauté until translucent and add other ingredients except the sour cream. Mix well. 2) Place in a preheated oven at 180°C until the tops are crispy and the cheese is melted. Dish up and dollop with sour cream. Super simple and tasty, this dish hit the spot! Approved of by Hubby and Little Bit, this one's a keeper. And with all the chanterelles recently, ways of using them are necessary. This dish was tasty with the ham but could also easily do without.

  • Chow Mein

    chopped 200g mushrooms 1 - 2 head bok choi shredded 1 bunch coriander, chopped 1/2 c cashews, toasted Noodles cook through. 4) When the carrots are about 1-2 minutes shy of being done, add the bok choi and the noodles Use gluten-free noodles and soy sauce and it is gluten-free.

  • Pumpkin Ramen

    It did reheat very nicely though, with fresh noodles or a little extra stock. 1 tbsp ras-el-hanout 2 tsp Mix spice 2 c roast pumpkin purée 1 small squash, chopped 1/3c soy sauce Noodles Cook 5 minutes, then add other ingredients except for mangetouts, noodles and sesame for seeds. 2) Bring simmer and cook until squash and broccoli have reached just shy of their desired consistency, then add noodles Taste test. 3) Remove from heat and serve as soon as noodles are cooked.

  • Kale Salad with Honey Carrots

    As mentioned in Day 23 of The Challenge We tend to have a light meal for lunch, like soup or salad, and we live around the corner from a farm stall. This happened because of their phenomenal fresh carrots and kale. It took all of 15 minutes to get on the table, as well as prepping for the cauliflower carbonara for dinner, it was packed full of flavours, textures, and colours while being light and easy. I highly recommend this! Just skip the eggs to make this salad vegan. Ingredients: 2 onions, spiralised 2 normal carrots (or one huge one), spiralised on the ribbon setting Kale 2 tbsp olive oil 3 tsp honey 1 tsp nigella seeds a handful of walnuts a handful of sage leaves 2 eggs 1 red pepper 2 stalks of celery 4 sundried tomatoes 1 tsp balsamic vinegar Salt and pepper to taste 1) Cut kale into thirds and steam for a few minutes, until the leaves just start to change colour - not too long as you want to retain some crunch. Place on plates. 2) thinly slice the red pepper and plate with the kale. 3) Heat half of the olive oil into a pan. When it is shimmering, add the onions and sauté until tender and starting to brown. Add nigela seeds and cook for a few more minutes before adding to the kale. 4) Meanwhile heat the rest of the oil in a second pan and sauté the carrots. Add the balsamic and the honey and the sage leaves. Cook, stirring occasionally, until tender, and plate up. 5) Poach the eggs for 4 minutes, then carefully extract them and place them on top of the salad. Add walnuts, celery sticks and sun-dried tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste and serve. We had this with grapes and tasty bread and local cheese, as well as a home-made mayonnaise. My husband declares to be one of his favourite things I've made.

  • Beetroot and Pomelo Sauce with Sweet Potato Spirals or Cheesy Gnocchi

    Due to Covid quarantining we could not be with all the family for Christmas, so I am waiting on the last 3 days of Christmas cookies until we are all together. And in the mean time, something a little different... It sounds a little strange I know, but give it a chance. The arrival at this dish was a little peripatetic. We had peeled a pomelo for breakfast, excited for Little Bit to try another new food, especially a citrus, and we are both very fond of pomelos. We discovered with disappointment though that it was not very juicy, and was too dry with a bitter aftertaste. Fine then. I'll make it into a smoothie. SO I peeled it and prepped it, then spotted a beet in the fridge and decided that the acidity, mild bitterness and sweetness of the pomelo would play nicely with the earthy sweetness of the beetroot. I therefore peeled the latter and chucked it into the blender with the pomelo. I added some orange peel and some spices for good measure, then had to go do something else and left it there on the counter. The plan for dinner at this stage was spiralised sweet potato in a creamy mushroom sauce. When I came to make dinner though, having spiralised the sweet potato I spotted the almost purple smoothie sitting on the counter, and decided that tonight was a test night. Let's see what happens if we use the almost smoothie as a sauce for the sweet potato spirals, with the mushrooms chucked in. So that is what we did, and with a little tweaking it worked. The bitterness from the unjuicy pomelo still came through, but less so when sopped up with bread, so we decided to have the leftover sauce with cheesy gnocchi a couple of days later and it sang. Ingredients: 1 pomelo 1 beetroot 1 - 1 1/2 tsp dried orange peel 2 tbsp lemon juice 1/4 tsp cloves 1 tsp cinnamon 2 tbsp honey 2 tsp Aloha Spiced Cacao Salt and pepper to taste 1) Blitz the ingredients together ( if you prefer a mellower flavour for your beetroot, steam or roast it first. I used raw beet and it worked well though.) 2) Heat slowly in a saucepan, stirring gradually, 3) Add to spirals of veg or to cheesy gnocchi or pasta. The first night the bitterness from the pomelo was a bit much. The dish had promise but needed some tweaking. We found that the starch helped counter the bitterness though and so cooking it with gnocchi, heavier in starch than the sweet potatoes with a less delicate flavour of their own, With a pomelo that was perfectly ripe though, instead of one we needed to use in something rather than just eating, I don't know if we would have encountered the same problem. This is definitely going to stick around though, it was so tasty! EDIT: After making mozzarella of my own for the first time, I used the sauce in puff pastry pockets with the mozzarella and dates. They were beautiful (and tasty!) The sauce also works well as a pink base for pizza.

  • Miss Sophie's Mulligatawny Soufflé

    As mentioned in Day 17 of The Challenge This is one of our own creation. Born of leftover Mulligatawny soup and a love (read obsession) for soufflés which developed during our time in South Africa, this is a big favourite in our house and not done nearly as often as I would like! Light and fluffy, the mulligatawny flavours are attenuated but present. We tend to serve it on a bed of spiralised and sautéed veg, usually carrots and courgettes. This lends the meal a freshness, while also bulking it out (soufflés are basically very tasty air...). Ingredients: For the soufflé: 3/4 c mulligatawny soup (see recipe here) 2 tsp butter for the roux, 1 tbsp for the dish 2 tsp flour 3 egg yolks 8 egg whites 2 tsp cumin seeds 1 tsp garam masala 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp fenugreek seeds fried in 1 tsp butter Parmesan, grated, for the top - approx. 1/4 c. For the veggie beds: 3 courgettes, spiralised 2 carrots, spiralised 2 onions, spiralised 1 tbsp peanut oil 1 tsp white sesame seeds 1 tsp black sesame seeds 2 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar 1 tsp cooking sake 1/2 tbsp pomegranate molasses 1) Make a roux by melting the butter in a saucepan and mixing in the flour. Add the mulligatawny soup, then beat in the egg yolks. 2) Beat the egg white to form stiff peaks. Mix one third of these into the mulligatawny roux, then carefully fold in the rest of the whites. 3) Butter a soufflé dish thoroughly, then mix together the spices. Coat the inside of the buttered dish with the spices. 4) Pour the soufflé batter into the prepared pan. Sprinkle parmesan over the top. 5) Place this in an oven-proof dish filled with hot water (about half as high as the soufflé dish), and place the whole thing in the oven at 200°C for 35-40 minutes (if using a big dish. With individual dishes, 8-10 minutes only!) 6) Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large pan over medium high heat. sauté the onion for a minute then add the carrot, sauté a couple more minutes then add the courgette. 7) Add sesame seeds, soy sauce, vinegar and sake to the pan and toss. Don't add too much as you don't want these to be soupy. Also, don't over cook them. A little bite is good. 8) Dish, and drizzle a little pomegranate molasses over the top. Remove the soufflé from the oven and spoon immediately over the veggie beds before it collapses. I personally love this. I wasn't sure how it would go when I first went off script with soufflés, and then when I went even further off by using soup for a base instead of a batter, but things turned out rather well. I encourage anyone to try their hand at soufflés! Be creative with them! Let me know if you have any suggestions, anything you want me to try, and then share the results from, or anything you tried and want to share.

  • Bat-Wing Ramen

    husband who had complained about not having time to cook recently and said that he wanted to make ramen noodle Ingredients: 2 noodle nests 1 knob of ginger, grated Half a head of garlic, grated 2 carrots, grated Cook 10 minutes. 3) Add spinach and noodles and cook until done. 4) Meanwhile boil eggs for 1 minute Peel, slice in half and place them on top of the noodles with chives. This came out super tasty.

  • White Lasagne

    It could easily be made either gluten free or keto friendly by omitting the noodles. the courgettes, then some of the chicken mixture, some lasagne sheets, melted butter brushed over the noodles

  • Black Bean Lasagna

    Pepper generously. 4) Bake at 200°C for about 40 minutes, until crispy on top and noodles are tender

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