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  • Sesame Cookies

    Little Bit came through after his nap with his kiddy baking book asking to bake, and then after deciding

  • Queso Blanco and Whey Ricotta

    possibilities offered me by my cheese making kit, and so I am now moving on to working through the book recipe is for mascarpone, and while I'd like to compare the methods and resulting mascarpone from the book I also tried making whey ricotta for the first time, also from the book. I don't know if it was because of this or because I used regular white cooking vinegar and not distilled Something to be looked out for in any case.

  • Paneer, attempt 1

    I was really excited to find a paneer recipe in the Artisan Cheese Making at Home book as Paneer is not Overall the beginning of the recipe looked very similar to the Queso Blanco, except that the curds then Working from Swasthi's blog was different from working either from the cheese making kit or from the book

  • Attempts one and two: Ricotta

    I received a cheese making kit for Christmas, something I had been looking into for a while. This, alongside a cheese-making book lent me by my dad, have prodded me to actually do something I've

  • Cabécou Goat's Cheese

    I set the cheeses up to age in olive oil and spices as per the instructions in my cheese book and then

  • Roast Chestnut Cookies

    But chestnuts should be allowed anytime in my book.)

  • Days 28 - 36: Hoppin' John, Pumpkin Chilli and Chanterelle Tart

    But for dinner, not breakfast (it's hard to bump porridge from the breakfast slot in my book). Others at the table looked askance until the tried it and had to admit that running short of ham at that

  • Cranberry and Almond Bagels

    Switzerland with family in New York, bagels were always a treat, something we couldn't get here but would look There should be enough molasses for the water to look like moderately strong tea. (In B is for Bagel, Little Bit's alphabet book, X is for EXtra schmeer, never make it less!)

  • Fromage Blanc

    My next batch of cultured cheese from my Artisan Cheese Making at Home book (actually, not mine, it's Initially, it didn't look like the milk was doing anything. It looked like milk. Look at that beautiful cylinder of curds sitting in the whey! I couldn't believe it. Not identically, granted, but I don't cook for identical results.

  • Borani with Sweet Potato and Spinach

    Cover with the foil again and bake a further 5 minutes or so until the spinach is cooked (dehydrated Another Borani variant for the books! Not the most sophisticated or well-mannered dinner companion, but certainly flattering to the cook.

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