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  • Rose Cake

    Here is the recipe that worked best, although I might try it over with a couple of tweaks at some point The butter cake was therefore decided to be the better one, although I might play around with ways of Not too sweet, and with a little acidic bite, and its rosy flavour.

  • Salted Caramel Ice Cream

    The result was that the eggs lumped a bit in the mix. then place in container in the freezer OR place directly in a container in the freezer, relying on the lightness of the whipped cream for the ice cream's lightness. To my great good fortune, when my sister stayed over last night (invited in the very solemn role of Ketchup I am certainly glad I tried a different method for ice cream making, and that I picked up the right condensed

  • Winter Oats 2 Ways

    Once in a while though, I like to shake things up a bit and play with other flavourings for my morning Ingredients: 1 c oats 2 c milk 1 c roast chestnuts, crumbled or chopped A handful of raisins 1 tbsp maple or light Both of these work beautifully for a bit of a switch-up of your morning porridge. Instead of the maple sugar in the first recipe, use light brown sugar.

  • Broccoli Soufflé

    This being the case, I was looking for something light to make for lunch before an afternoon of sweet over from making leckerli and eggnog pudding...So I made broccoli soufflés, which came out airy and light Good baby food too - Little Bit loved his (the one in the little red dish)! Note: Toying with how to make this recipe keto, it occurred to me that it might be possible either to

  • Apple and Cheese Soufflé

    With apple sauce and cheese on hand, this seemed just the thing for a light lunch with people coming Dust the dish with the remaining flour mix, ensuring good coverage right up to the rim.

  • Watermelon Gazpacho

    Gazpacho is a classic, and living right in the middle of South Africa's food belt the watermelons were I find this soup to provide a refreshing and very light lunch, perfect for a hot day (we're in the middle

  • Biscuits with Blueberry Port Sauce

    A beautiful way altogether of celebrating our last night of holiday before going back to work. butter into the flour with fingertips until it forms a crumby dough. 2) Add milk and mix it into a light

  • Kale Salad with Honey Carrots

    As mentioned in Day 23 of The Challenge We tend to have a light meal for lunch, like soup or salad, and cauliflower carbonara for dinner, it was packed full of flavours, textures, and colours while being light

  • Day 6: Miso soup and Bat-wing Ramen

    bonus with an 8 month old and a crib to paint, and the ramen, courtesy of my husband was refreshingly light

  • Creamy Lemon Pasta

    water to achieve enough sauce to coat the pasta but not have it swimming. 2) Meanwhile, brown the bacon bits It came together quickly (the longest part was defrosting the spinach), it felt light but was flavourful Little Bit objected to anything touching his pasta until he realised he was missing out on bacon.

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