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  • Spinach Borani

    For lunch though? It is no longer what you might call "authentic" but it is tasty! I found that it worked well as a packed lunch when working in a refugee camp, for example, where we had Incredibly quick to assemble and at once refreshing and filling without being heavy, this was the perfect lunch For breakfast, the flavour was a bit much, but mixed with herbs and spices for a lunch borani, it was

  • Cauliflower Carbonara

    I loved the simplicity and lightness of this dish. The lemon and yoghurt's acidity also helped to keep it fresh and light, while the cauliflower pieces

  • Chanterelle Tart

    Light but warm, it made a good lunch for an early autumn day, and easy to assemble too.

  • Days 21-27: Jambalaya, Kale salad with Honey Carrots, Cauliflower Carbonara and Jacket Potatoes.

    The Challenge update: So last week was a busy one, with a couple of nights shifts and other bits going The jackets and salad were a lunch and a quick dinner on getting back home tonight.

  • Days 83-94: Rosehip, Chestnut and Chicken Stew, Coconut Green Curry, Quince Tapioca and more :)

    Here they are, recipes to some will be following soon (if there is one you might be particularly interested We also had an old favourite, our Onion Tart for lunch, which is quick and easy but always satisfying Another easy but tasty lunch is our take on a Persian Beet Borani.

  • Day 46 - 56: Sage and Carrot Soup, Miso Fried Rice, Spiced Rice Pudding, Tomato Tart...

    , others had more interesting lunches, with Carrot and Sage Soup or Tomato Tart, while for others dinner A couple nights we ate out or were cooked for by others.

  • Basil Soup with Goat Cheese Crostini

    It being mid August, it's been rather hot here the last few days so the desire for a cold soup at lunch It was going wild, bushy and quite tall, so I thought a cold basil soup might be refreshing for lunch As an experiment this worked rather well, although I think in future it might benefit from cooking a

  • Home-Made Granola

    tahini as though they belong together, so when I put the tahini in, I figured that the raisin molasses might It is not too sweet and has a relatively light flavour.

  • Pumpkin and Rosehip Tart

    As mentioned in Day 79 of The Challenge This was a hunch that I decided to follow and I am delighted With the non-sweet pumpkin, the tart was tasty but it couldn't seem to decide whether it was lunch or

  • Fondue

    The trick really is to balance mature and creamy cheeses to get the right texture and taste. 3) Light your methylated spirits (being careful not to light the table on fire as you do so) and place Not what you might call traditional, but it works!

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