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  • Ricotta and Courgette Tart

    Chill for about a half hour. 2) Roll out the crust and line a pie plate with it.

  • Greek Apple Cookies

    guess looking at the ingredients I shouldn't have been surprised), these came out like little apple pie If you like apple pie though, you'll like these.

  • Days 95-100: Imam Bayildi, Persimmon porridge, bacon and lentil soup, cauliflower steaks etc

    dinner (not living in the US we need to find another time for it), but I did try a new twist on Pumpkin pie

  • Persimmon Porridge

    juice 1 c oats 2 c milk 2 tsp dried coconut 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp Aloha Spiced Cacao (or cinnamon/pumpkin pie

  • Dried Orange Peel

    into smaller bits, sometimes in long elegant ribbons, offer a variation in texture, like in my Pumpkin Pie As I use the oven almost every day, I place them on a baking try or a pie plate in a cooling oven once

  • Crackers 3 ways

    I took a basic pie crust as the base, tweaked it a bit so it would be quite stiff and dry, and then baked 2) Divide the dough into three equal parts and add the ingredients for each of the variants to one piece A taste test should reveal them to be cooked through and taste similar to cooked pie crust (but less

  • Chicken Salad with a Rosehip Vinegar Mayo

    number of them in different things (I used my apple and rosehip vinegar in my Black Pudding and Pumpkin Pie For the Chicken melts: Butter a cast iron skillet, then arrange pieces of toast on the bottom.

  • Chanterelle Tart

    chill before rolling it out, but it still works if you don't) 3/4 c flour 1/2 c cold butter, cut into pieces Cut in pieces of butter and mix together with fingertips until it forms a crumb like texture. Add 1 tbsp of water. 4) Roll out the crust to approximately 1 cm thick and line the bottom of a pie plate

  • Rainbow Lasagne

    squash layer, taste-tested prior to assembly, would be great to experiment with as the filling for a pie

  • Cuban Chestnut Stuffing

    as a side for the turkey, heated up well for leftovers, and went very well on top of my Turkey Pot Pie

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