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PSA - Literary Easter Egg Hunt

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

I have decided to add something a little different to my posts from now on as an addendum, combining my two great loves of cooking (and eating) and reading. I noticed recently that all of my cooking happens either while wrangling Little Bit, or while listening to an Audiobook. When linking the Broccoli and Cheese Scone recipe to the post about making mascarpone to pair with sweet scones, I suddenly had a vivid image in my head of a sedan chair being carried through rice paddies. It took me a second to place it, but then I realised that it was from WS Maugham's The Painted Veil which I had been listening to when I made the scones. After realising this, I scrolled back through older posts and for a fair number of the recipes I could effortlessly conjure up which part of which book I was listening to while making that recipe.

This being the case, I have decided to start including a note on what I was listening to at the time on some posts. Going forward, I will simply include a note on the books on the recipe I am typing up, either at the top or the bottom. For older posts though where something in particular stands out, I am going to go back and add a note to recipes. Feel free to go take a look! I will tag recipes with a book note with the label "book" so you can search for them, otherwise, just scroll! Any book recommendations or comments are welcome!

I will also add an link to the books so you can read them for yourself if you want! These are affiliate links, but you pay no extra for the books. I may (still not entirely sure how this works) just get a commission on the book.



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