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Ricotta, Take 4

Having successfully made ricotta 3 times, I decided for Take 4 to play around and test the method a little. The kit I've been using as my beginner's guide had me using citric acid as the acidifier and curdler, so I decided to swap it out with lemon juice. I mean, citric acid comes from citrus fruits, right? It worked. Sort of. I started out with the juice of one lemon, and the curds looked the same as in previous attempts, but there was a lot less of it and the whey was clearly still richer than the other times. So I warmed the whey up a little and added the juice of another lemon. I did get more curds, but they were much finer this time, to the extent that it took a long time to drain them. In the end, I think I got about the same amount of ricotta as with the standard recipe, but it took a lot longer and half of the curds are tiny. It tastes right though! I made it specifically for Hubby's Manicotti recipe - well, his grandmother's recipe really - at his request. He hadn't made it in a while, so we figured we'd try it with home made ricotta, and I'm glad we did! It was so tasty!



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