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Day 16: Mulligatawny Soup, Rosemary Focaccia and Plum Kuchen

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Challenge update: The two days following the pumpkin cream pasta, days 14 and 15, we were away, so they were out of Challenge days. Today for lunch we had Mulligatawny Soup with fresh Rosemary Focaccia. I love this warm-flavoured and yet fairly simple soup. We've had it with a variety of breads in the past, from roti or naan, to regular bread, tatty scones and today focaccia. The focaccia certainly worked well and did justice to the soup, not something I would spurn doing again! Then a veggie stir-fry for dinner :) Simple and satisfying, with a good crunch and taste. For dessert, we had my German Oma's Plum Kuchen with cream, which I have not made in years! Here are the recipes to the soup and the kuchen. Focaccia recipe on request.

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