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Day 19: Plum and Leftover Juices Risotto

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Challenge update: I love a good risotto. I thoroughly enjoy the traditional ones with actual names, but I also enjoy making risotto with a variety of liquids instead of the more regular broth and wine. In this case I used the left over juices (and veg) from the cabbage dumplings and last night's plum pork. The complimented each other nicely with their fruity flavours - apricot and plum respectively. To keep it from being too sweet, I added a dash or red wine and some oregano. Some plums and walnuts to round it off, and we had an easy dinner that used up some leftovers and satisfied Sir Shouts-A-Lot enough to quieten him and make him happy. Unless anyone has made both and particularly wants, I won't include a recipe as it was specifically based on left overs, but do say if you want one, or if you want me to make one up for you including the right notes, drop me a comment or a message and I can make that happen. Including it for the challenge though, and as inspiration :)

No post tomorrow as we will be out.



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