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Day 2: Fenugreek Porridge and Cornbread Loaf

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Challenge update: For day 2 of the challenge, we started off the day with an experimental fenugreek porridge, which was very tasty but needs some tweaking, and ended it with a hot cornbread loaf. The porridge recipe is available here, and the cornbread loaf recipe is here. And I must say, it feels appropriate for the first two challenge recipes to be porridge. It is one of my favorite foods. The porridge was a bit more involved than my morning oatmeal generally is, but nevertheless quick and easy, as was dinner which took almost no time to assemble, and than all I had to do was ... well anything else that needed doing like dinner, bath and bed for Tiny Human, while the cornbread baked. Delicious on its own or with sauces or spreads, it was immensely satisfying.



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