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Tempering and Flavouring Chocolate : Attempt 3 - Making bars

The Domestika course I am doing introduces three different architectural textures to replicate in chocolate - terrazzo, marble and concrete. This was my first attempt at making bars at all, and more specifically my first attempt at making terrazzo bars, with contrasting main flavours and chips. It was also my first time using spirulina, chlorella and açai for colouring. I overdid the chlorella and spirulina a little, making for darker colours than I had intended, but I intend to learn from that next time and add the colours in smaller increments.

I made three different bars using the previous chips I had made and a different base chocolate flavour and colour for each. The first was amchoor and spirulina with grapefruit and black pepper chips. The second was sumac and chlorella as the base, with orange peel and earl grey tea flavoured chips. The third was a black sesame and açai base with kafir lime and turmeric chips.

All three of these went over very well with my test audiences, quite flatteringly so. The tempering succeeded and the flavours interacted very nicely. I found the bars a little busy though but was assured by others that this was not the case. The terrazzo chip idea was interesting, and matching up flavours has been a fun challenge, but I might stick more with one or two flavours in future instead of three or four.

As this was my first time making bars, I also played around with some texturing using crumpled wax paper wrinkled in different directions, and a plastic baggy. I am pleased with the different looks and had fun testing the three methods. Making the moulds was fun, my first time playing with legos in years!

I had intended to be further along in the course by now and had hoped to be able to give chocolates of my own making and design to people for Christmas, but alas I have been a bit sluggish and haven't moved my studies in this field along as fast as I ought. Oh well. Mayhap next year I will be ready!

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